Joshua Cantrell's Bible WWW Page


The Bible is the foundation of all Christian knowledge. Studying it is important for all Christians to edify themselves with God's Word. I'm currently making a slow progression through the Bible, so I can have time to understand what I read. There is a difference between reading and understanding. I can read words fast, but I must take time to stop and reflect periodically, or I run the risk of not learning/retaining anything.
This page is a collection of notes that I'm making publically available. Since these are notes and I'm still making my way through the Bible, there may be some errors. Please report any corrections because they will most likely help me in my understanding.

Bible Verses

As I go through the Bible, I'm writing down Bible verses that seem significant to me along with their significance. I then type them into an HTML file and categorize them so that I can find them easily using a hierarchy of topics. This helps me to encounter these verses multiple times and gives me an opportunity to use them in conversations. Because this information may be useful to you too, I'm making it available on the web.

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