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Origin's Ultima series

Ultima has all many of the elements that I look for in a great game. Wonderful stories, interaction with the elements and people of the fantasy world, puzzles, and reasonable ethics. (Or at least that's were the series is headed.)

Did You Wipe Your Shoes Before Entering? : MUDs

MUD stands for (in my mind), Multi-User Dungeon, but I'll let it stand for any on-line games which allow too many people to play together at once. All MUDs suffer from the lack of control over the players who simply act as you would expect humans to act once you've made them virtually anonymous and removed severe consequences for uncivilized behavior. They typically have poor story lines too.
They remind me of a senario where a uncooperative child finds his way into a sandbox and the teachers believe you can all get along and play. I don't believe that you can just have anyone play games because there are always those people who thrive on the anguish of others. When I play a game, I believe it is supposed to be fun and challenging. If I do not have enough respect for my opponents after the game for shaking their hands, then something is wrong.

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