Help Wanted on an RPG

NOTE: I'm not working on this right now because there is too much for me to be involved in already. Don't bother e-mailing me if you want to help because I really don't have time to work on it. If you want to write comments or ask for help, that's okay however.

I need help writing a computer role-playing game. Unlike a normal role-playing game with a human dungeon master, a computer role-playing game uses the computer as the arbitrator. The arbitrator needs to make sure everything is done within the bounds of the world being played within.
Because a role-playing game is somewhat limited with only computer characters, a multi-user game would be nice. It would create a social environment where role-playing could be between humans using the computer as the arbitrator. I also believe that graphics, sound, and text all add to the dimension of role-playing and each can be put together to make a unique environment.

What I want:

What I need help with:

What I expect from those who help:

What groups I think will be formed:

Who is in the project:

If you are even slightly interested (even though you may not fullfill all of my requirements) e-mail me at

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