Joshua Cantrell's World Wide Web Page

I'm a General Electrical Engineering graduate of the EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) Department in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley. I now study integrated circuits in the Electrical Engineering Department in the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at UCLA.

My e-mail address is

Technical Information

I like to share information that I learn with others. This includes experiences and techniques that I've spent time on. Whatever else I have worked on, of a slightly technical nature, can also be expected to be there if it is in a shareable form. Resume information is also there.

Personal Homepage

Although I'm keeping this WWW page free of most unprofessional distractions, that doesn't mean I only care about professional topics for discussion. Like other people, I have hobbies and enjoy entertaining myself in my free time.

Wonderful Links to visit

These are some general links to family, friend, project, and point of interest related WWW pages. Most are non-technical, yet I feel people interested in me may also be interested in some of these links.

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