Joshua Cantrell's Picture Page

If pictures are considered to be worth a million words, they need to be properly chosen to have as much descriptive power as possible. A picture which only shows a person may show what that person looks like, but leaves out other traits of that person. A picture showing the person doing something he likes is much more informative. :-)

This isn't me! Wrong picture I guess. :-) You can get out of this that I draw really simple things. I'm fortunate if they have any resemblance to reality! So, I can't do a self portrait of myself.

That's me! Many years ago at Mono Lake, California. I'm peering into a sample of water looking for brine shrimp. Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty to explore the world around you.

A fairly recent photo of myself taken July 2002. Since I don't take photos of myself, sometimes it's difficult for me to find any recent ones. :-)

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