Joshua's Personal World Wide Web Page

The Game's Afoot

I admit it! I periodically waste my time in front of my computer playing games whose reality leaves something to be desired! I'd like to think that one of these days I would have a more realistic alternative to a simulation, but I can't always go camping, and you simply cannot interact with people like you can in these games. (People would simply tell you to go away.) I like to think of these games I play as interactive books.

Technical Information

I like to share information that I learn with others. This includes experiences and techniques that I've spent time on. Whatever else I have worked on, of a slightly technical nature, can also be expected to be there if it is in a shareable form. Resume information is also there.

Trips & Pictures

When I started this, I only had so much room for graphics, so I decided that I could store a page with pictures and a brief description of my last trip to the great outdoors. Now I routinely scan pictures that I like and make picture/stories of the trips I want to remember especially well.

Old & New Projects

I only have so much time to devote towards the projects I want to do. Especially since everything must be done in between jobs, schooling, chores, and other events that require time. I have listed the current and past projects vistors may be interested in.

Wonderful Links to visit

These are some general links to family, friend, project, and point of interest related WWW pages. Most are non-technical, yet I feel people interested in me may also be interested in some of these links.

Did you clean your room? : Under The Bed

Sometimes there are those items that just don't seem to fit anywhere. Brief moments of boredom, or excitement that generates a WWW page which is amusing, but not really useful. I have a few that I've generated over the years.

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