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I make no claim on the authority of whatever I say on this page or any pages linked to this page. My pages are for the spreading of knowledge and ideas that will be left for the reader to decide whether they are true or not. I will not be liable for anything that happens to the reader after reading anything I have written here. The ideas or concepts that anyone uses from my page are used at the user's risk and discretion, so that if they don't appear to work or problems occur through using them, then I will not be held responsible. If any of this conflicts with laws in any city, county, state, country, or territory, please e-mail me at so I can update it.


I have always had an interest in why we do what we do. Much of what I know comes from personal experience through interacting with and considering everything around me. I don't have the time to make a professional treatment of philosophy, which would consist of research and education in the many techniques involved, but this doesn't stop me from those ideas which form my worldview. This page is designed partially as a reference and as a means to learn more about my beliefs. I realize that, through the lack of knowledge, I may misinterpret facts, and will gladly receive the constructive and helpful tips from others.


I am a Christian. This means that I believe that Christ was born of a virgin, is God incarnate, was crucified for the atonement of my sins, was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven for my justification. I take what is written in the Bible seriously and am a sinner. (There are more characteristics, but for brevity's sake, I'm listing only a few.)
Do not confuse me with those who call themselves Christians who are not Christians. If someone doesn't know what it means to be a Christian, they can be easily persuaded into believing they are a Christian. This can happen with other groups too. For example, someone could call themselves a true Republican, but may in fact not be in agreement with the complete Republican political platform.


Whenever we interact with someone, a relationship is formed. It can sometimes be good or bad, relaxed or tense, or strong or weak. How one acts towards others can have a great deal of influence on how one is perceived by them. It also shows something about character.


It was suggested to help people keep track of me when I move away that I start a passive form of personal information distribution. :) Rather than just write a yearly letter, I suppose I could blog. (Although I'm not sure why anything I say would be that valuable...) Any comments on what I write may be e-mailed to me.


I derive my experiences from people I meet, things I do, articles and books I read, and other sources of enlightenment. Some of these exist on the WWW and I would like to share their location with anyone else who might benefit from their existance.

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