The election of 2004 had two dominant candidates who claimed to be Christians. And because I discovered many Christians seemed to be quite involved in chosing one of the two candidates without criticizing their behavior compared to other secular issues, I came to see the politicians as representing politics acceptable to the visible Christian organizations of 2004. This poem is a satire on the character of the politicians in the election.

Christian Politics of 2004

I'm a Christian and can do no wrong,
He's a scoundrel and can do no right!
My life is lived for the greatest KING,
His life is made of all that's a fright!
I win, you get a world of comfort,
He wins, you get a world of terror!
My love is nothing built upon fear,
His love will lead us all in error!

I ask you to vote for humanity!
He himself said he is imperfect!
I am the only choice you cannot fear!
Don't chose fear, chose me, anti-fear!
I pray to GOD for your benefit!
Easy roads are GOD's blessings of it!

You say I quote him totally wrong?
I'm just telling what he meant to say!
You say I wish only hurt not mend?
I know he's scum! He has to pay!

You don't need him, so do not fret,
I know no evil, and know not regret!

Joshua Cantrell