There's a type of quietness and kindness that really is cowardice. Some people avoid the demands of confrontation, so they look quite pleasant and kind. However, when it is necessary to be open, the fear rules and they stay shut, even at the expense of their friends.

Fear and Weakness

There was a kind and gentle strong heart,
Care was his mind and never apart,
Everyone knew this special greatness,
Anyone saw his greater interest.

Simply he sat to listen and learn,
Giving chance to another's spoke turn.
Open, he received from all,
Hope seen by mind changers, et al.

No harm could he render someone,
No force would he prefer to come.
Wanting to be understood some,
Possibly not ever to come.

Those who really never heard him,
Drove the words and subject through him,
Changing his thoughts over their state,
Making him soon tremble with hate.

He could not share ever his mind,
He would not bear cycling grime.
Silence was forever a friend,
Kindness no one couldn't defend.

Many became harmed in time,
Many he knew properly fine,
But there he remained all shut,
Just to wish it cleared right up.

He was safe at others expense,
He stuck to a neutral defense,
When he could deliver insight,
Then he instead cowered from sight.

His safety was never so safe,
His great care was ever escape.
When friends saw forever kindness,
His real drive was timorousness.

Joshua Cantrell