When enough people fail your trust in them, it can be difficult to put your trust in new people (or at least I have this problem). Yet, to really get to know anyone, you need to put your trust in them. If you don't continue to work in hope that what trust was lost can be regained, then the relationship will soon be lost as well. (Although not in this poem, I believe God helps me deligently seek to forgive others so that my trust can be renewed and I may be able to continue to do His will.)

Growing Closer Through Hope

Before I saw you, I lacked my sight for you.
Before I chose you, I had my doubts in you.
Before I loved you, I took my chance with you.
Before I knew you, I put my trust in you.

Trust I gave to you, losing my fear of you.
Trust I sent to you, speaking my mind to you.
Trust I left for you, offering my time to you.
Trust I kept for you, hoping my good in you.

Good I saw in you, you helped my friend in need.
Good I heard from you, you lifted my hope, indeed.
Good I touched through you, you gave my hand a lift.
Good I felt from you, you sent my heart a gift.

Shame I saw in you, you left my friend in haste.
Shame I heard from you, you saved my pride as grace.
Shame I touched through you, you pushed my hand away.
Shame I felt from you, you lost my trust today.

Hope I have for you, mending my trust for you.
Hope I wish for you, sending my best to you.
Hope I give to you, grieving my loss of you.
Hope I hold with you, joining my life to you.

After I saw you, I used my eyes for you.
After I chose you, I spent my time with you.
After I loved you, I lost my self to you.
After I knew you, I trusted my hope in you.

Joshua Cantrell