When people are trying to hide their true form from sight behind lies and deception, they can become quite vicious towards those who wish to reveal to others who they really are. God calls us to live a life of light and truth. It may take great courage and sacrifice to expand this domain of the light and truth.

God, Help Me Have Courage

Oh, God give me strength in my trembling,
Oh, Lord quiet my heart's dire pounding,
I am lost and frightened by darkness,
Light confronted and told to regress.

My desire, Lord, is to expose night.
I wish to banish shadows by light.
Yet evil wishes to remain hid,
Set to threaten those who wish it rid.

A part of Your light closest to night,
Again show me Your courage to fight!
Let me not ever use excess force,
Let me instead seek Your gracious course.

The darkness wishes to snuff me out,
Bent on nothing but hate with a shout.
My weakness needs Your strength and patience,
I'm seeking Your love which is gracious.

Even if my light ceases to glow,
Each remaining light will seek to grow,
May Your great glory and brightness show,
Nay, not one can hide in a shadow.

Joshua Cantrell