I was walking one day and I was just thinking and considered this topic. Some people describe others by their vocation, and not their character. We trust people to fulfil their job description, but if their character is lacking then they can't really properly fulfil their proper job description because their selves get in the way.

Heart Above All Else

Some have elegance in speech,
Some can still yet even teach.
Some have honor due their name.
Some can share wisdom to fame.
Some have humor to fill time,
Some can show justice to crime.

Without a good heart, what does speech avail?
Rhetoric void of love, seems so pale.
Truth to open other hearts, that's great!
Spreading what's pure and foreign to hate.

Without a good heart, can teaching aid?
Students learn through models, imitate.
Humble strength, a heart for others' needs.
Mirrors of love, reflections of peace.

Without a good heart, what is honor?
Glowing hubris does a dishonor.
A heart burning goodwill grows around,
Lifting others up beyond the ground.

Without a good heart, what's wisdom's claim?
Knowing can also be bent to maim.
Sincerity of heart warns, waits.
Giving, understanding greater fates.

Without a good heart, is humor rich?
Hurtful shows enrage against the pitch.
A calming heart diffuses anger,
Bringing multitudes together.

Without a good heart, is justice fine?
Corrupted through vengeance it's crime.
A heart for discernment, explores right.
Searching all in irradiative light.

Always the heart is the guide.
Go change the heart not beside,
A heart of anguish is hate,
A heart of true love grows great.

Joshua Cantrell