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I make no claim on the authority of whatever I say on this page or any pages linked to this page. My pages are for the spreading of knowledge and ideas that will be left for the reader to decide whether they are true or not. I will not be liable for anything that happens to the reader after reading anything I have written here. The ideas or concepts that anyone uses from my page are used at the user's risk and discretion, so that if they don't appear to work or problems occur through using them, then I will not be held responsible. If any of this conflicts with laws in any city, county, state, country, or territory, please e-mail me at so I can update it.


It all started when I wondered if it was possible to make deep and wholesome lyrics for songs. Since I'm barely capable of writing lyrics/poems, and writing a melody doesn't come naturally to me, I decided to stick with words. :-) I know there are some groups out there who have some deeper lyrics, but most pop artists I find people listening to don't. And I've actually done a web search and had a difficult time finding anything. :-(

Love and Charity

Most songs dedicate too much effort to describe a shallow love. Often they have sexual overtones and not much genuine substance. True love that lasts must be based on much more. I like to think about the type of love described in the Christian Gospels. (I think the movie Princess Bride shows the strength of such love. :-)

Asking for Help

A part of humility is knowing when you are not up to a challenge alone. Seeking to be self-sufficient and individualistic at all times is not usually possible (and is not necessarily healthy either). It can be good to seek help when necessary.

Pride, Greed, and Vanity

Pride, where we lift things up in our own opinion beyond what they should is dangerous. Humility, where we put everything in a correct perspective and realize limitations and the true value all things is quite valuable. Greed, where we think nothing of anything except the personal acquisition of things is self-absorbant. Charity, where we give out of our abundances and personal gifts, not holding back due to a desire to hold power over people, is a blessing. Vanity, where we see ourselves as being something we aren't, can cause us to overlook others. Once again, humility opens our eyes to see our equality among people.


Sometimes not enough value is placed in relationships between people. Some like many shallow friends, and never wish to dig deeper. Sometimes there are break downs in communication, or barriers (physical/unphysical) that separate people. I don't agree with individualism, so I put a great deal of value in relationships. People do better working together and continuously improving their knowledge of each other.


There are things to say about how we see the world and being creative in how we interact with it. Since beaty tends to come from the appreciation and feelings that are invoked, it is an important topic to write about.

Points of View

I find it interesting to imagine two sides of an event. Is one side more positive than the other? Which side is more constructive? Creative? And sometimes maybe the only thing to do is move on.


Sometimes I just felt good or bad. Wanted to write something down. That's this type of writing.


I derive my experiences from people I meet, things I do, articles and books I read, and other sources of enlightenment. Some of these exist on the WWW and I would like to share their location with anyone else who might benefit from their existance.

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