Priorities. Christians often have a vast number of things they look forward to seeing in Heaven. I am disturbed by how high the value of finding people or other things in Heaven can be. Don't they ever ask themselves, what if I don't find that in Heaven? What should I value more? (The poem started as a satire, only consisting of what's in quotes, but I expanded it to make it stand alone better.)

A Mind for Comfort: Eternity Too Late

The words of deception ring true,
In the thoughts and mind of not a few,
They sing the following all the time,
Showing love and trust in worldly grime:

"My life is for Christ, He is King!
I love my life and ev'rything!
My heaven contains all I want!
It's the good I know and have sought!

"My friends and fam'ly mean the most,
I pray their blessings for much growth.
Those who interfere beware,
My love and mind is not fair!

"In Heaven I dream of things,
Things I love and the world sings!
I know it's a glorious place,
With tons of this loving grace!

God, You know my thoughts are true!
Such a child needs more than You!
I hope you don't really mind,
I know you are great and kind!"

In the end we will surly choose,
By the gods we wish to nev'r lose.
To be dismayed with the Holy One,
Because we talk as if we are one.

Joshua Cantrell