My Lover, My Hero

In the places of pain and sorrow,
A friend, my lover, stays close to me.
Watchful seeing and mindful knowing
Concern speaking, depth seeking of me.

Surface care, merits fade with knowing.
Oh, the live memory within me!
Sewing hope in the life generous.
Charity, stirred love, throughout me.

Others take, lust and greed are of them.
Gifts in aim, withdrawn same, want from me.
Hardship weak, steadfast fake, without boon.
Love lacks here, of them focus says 'me'.

Loving seeks what's best here and future.
Not always first embraced with joy,
Actual care found in late reflection,
Memories standing time's test always.

Love met here with sincere gratitude
Charity, humble life giving me
Allow me to all return service
To you here, world alike, not just me.

Joshua Cantrell