So that no one is led astray by this poem. It's not meant to be autobiographical. It's my observation of people who are too busy in this world. The last two verses introduce what's better than being consumed with single minded work.

Making the Most of the Unplanned

Busy, strict with organization, simple order for life.
Such made focus to run my life, missing other's close need.
To hide amongst the busy, seeking social import, greed.
Am I to do this as they prefer? Success with one aim.

When I open closed eyes, gazing upon fellows here,
You see them fall without aid near, how the world does know care.
Close by, those with power, blindly stand with focus steady.
What praise is given them! Here guiding power, a spot light.

How I've sought this path of least pain, following this spot light
Of fame and fortune, always seeking the perception's eye.
The failing souls around me free of this propelling light
Slip my attention, always needing a glimmering feat.

How I want to go and shake chains of thoughtless apathy,
Know freedom of the bonds, seize pain lost from that grand old light.
Oh, why should attention lead me when others fall aside!
To take opportunity veiled, and together catch light.

A meaningful sacrifice taken, now looking outside.
True light found beyond worldly light; hidden from normal sight.
Small deeds and bigger deeds, waiting for observant eyes,
And mindful spirit to share life, love, and hope at all times.

Joshua Cantrell