There's this problem that people have, and it's something that seems so invisible to us at times. Vanity is like looking out at the world and thinking you see the world, but you're really seeing yourself in a mirror. As vanity decreases the reflectivity of the mirror goes down and you start actually seeing the world, but there's still some vanity, so your reflection is painted there. It's almost like a poor window with a reflection in it. Zero vanity would be no-reflection.

Surrounding Mirror of Vanity

Encircled by a mirror, a mirror of vanity.
Looking at others, yet seeing myself splendidly.
Lacking concern for others, through this mirror of vanity.
Knowing who is more important to me; I certainly!

Increased translucence, a mirror of waning vanity.
Noticing others, yet catching more of myself gladly.
Considering others; how they see me admirably!
Knowing the end purpose of all creation; I certainly!

Nigh transparent now, a mirror of much humility.
Turning to others, open to their personality.
Helping others, concerned with treating them all justly.
Knowing a sense of equality; all are noteworthy!

Fully transparent, a mirror of true humility.
Giving to others, and still growing compassionately.
A living sacrifice, a life for everybody.
Knowing the meaning of life; God, the creator is worthy.

Joshua Cantrell