It was brought to my attention certain practices where people are traditionally denied roles in life. I think this is silly because sometimes we try too hard to lock people out of roles which may not be real. Some roles God has given us to bear, and we undeniably cannot fill the shoes of another, such as differences in male and female. However, there are things that both male and female can do at least in similar proportions, and in some cases how do we know if God has made one for a particular role or not? I suggest that it's through the gifts we are given and the natural passion to use them through love that really defines if we are in our proper role. People complain about being left out, and they try to be what they are not, or they do something they do not like, and they do themselves (and possibly others) great injustice. On the other hand, someone may be given a gift from God that no one recognizes because it was traditionally unexpected of them, and people wish to deny it of them. If they really yearn to do it, out of true love for God and others, why should we deny it of them as long as they do it in truth? In many cases those who are accepted as proper actually do not find joy in their work, and break from doing it properly because they are insincere. Let the sincere try and God will show them their boundaries.

Seeking What I am Not

My life grows in a valley, of help among trials.
Why I must live there to dream of when more is mine.
I see others doing what I cannot, and wish high.
Might I have success and might the power 'come mine?

Praise bestowed on them, bright'r than ever for me.
High regard shown them, their labor glows so bright!
They raised and said, not mine to come and to be.
My mind stole for consol, I wanted it as mine.

I cared not for skill, my purpose was to be.
I heeded not ability, it was just for me.
I glared at the world, they would soon give up praise.
I beat the trend a champ, greatness and honor paid!

Gave way to this pulling drive of passion, vanity!
My mind sought the withheld, reasoned just for fame.
Came great sorrow and emptiness during this strife.
Why might rebellion come, lead the heart so grave?

Denied gifts and talents, gave them up for inane.
Paid time and certain new respect earned for a price.
Blind eyes opened too late, where now is joy?
Great waste it was at last. Pride driven, senseless mind.

Seek reasons and love for greatness of purpose high.
Lead life to use gifts innate, virtuous humble fame.
Greet seasons with new joy, confident in being
Leave prideful growth for the real fulfillment, and peace.

Joshua Cantrell