We're taught to be nice to others, that it is wrong to hurt others. And sometimes that teaching goes too far. We become dishonest with others by saying we're willing to do things we aren't. And then because our heart isn't for the other, we blame them for forcing us to do something out of courtesy, even though no true courtesy is forced.

The Nice Person

He was always there for me.
Demanding nothing of me.
Always looking out for me.
Generously giving to me.

Honest and so transparent.
Never duplicitous bent.
Truthful and wisely open.
Never failing to listen.

His bright smile slowly grew dim.
He comforted, your not grim.
I sought assurance again.
All's well he said with a grin.

He said he couldn't rightly lie.
I knew he couldn't if he'd try.
He cared for everybody.
I could trust him more than me.

Then one day he called my phone,
Devalued our time alone,
Said it wasted my good time,
And I should seek those more fine.

When asked to please clarify,
He paused before he'd reply.
I'm busy, he said finally,
It's hard to act agreeably.

God still loves you he resumed,
You're still worthy, and aren't doomed!
But worth my time you are not,
Had to be what was now thought.

To ease my grief he said now,
Mailing letters he could allow.
But I replied and I knew,
You'll ignore, and I'll have no clue.

Some are nice on the outside,
But that's not what is inside.
If it's not of a true heart,
Resentment and pain impart.

Joshua Cantrell