Seems to me that sometimes everyone is stuck behind a one way window, whether it be tinted glass on one side so only sight is allowed through one end or not, or it's reflective on one side and not the other. Whatever it is, we stand staring at someone we'd want to know much better, but can't because the interaction really isn't there. You see the other person from a distance, and want to know them so much more as a friend, but something prevents you from coming together. You see them, they fail to see you, even when you try to catch their attention, so you wait and hope that one day this window will vanish and a more total clarity from many different angles will be possible, so you'll really know the person, and they will know you.

I even have a version in PDF format with pictures. :-)
The One Way Window with art.

The One Way Window

There you play, so full of joy and laughter!
Wishing now I could share it with you,
I watch with thoughts that follow thereafter,
Stuck and lost behind glass without you.

Your eyes dart, and point in my direction!
Wishing you could see through this window,
I wave both my hands for your attention!
Fruitlessly behind this window.

It's such an experience just watching,
Wishing we could do more together.
Stuck here behind a barrier still blocking,
Perfect interaction together.

What devil made this one way barrier,
Wishing it would block us forever?
Why is it you still play and tarry there?
It's as though you won't see through ever.

Soon, perhaps, we'll come to know each other.
Wishing all the time there was no wait,
Imagining this fades as cloud cover,
And not greeting face to face too late.

Until then, I simply watch carefully.
Knowing I never really know you,
As I watch from this window faithfully,
Always waiting to truly know you.

Joshua Cantrell