It's often easier to write about things that are less than pleasant. I often find myself becoming very passionate about what is negative, such as the fallen state of man. So, trying to find a more positive topic, I thought about a rainbow I had recently seen and how the colors may be related to what is Heavenly.

The Rainbow

Clouds broke and rain cleared!
Blue spoke and I cheered!
Sun shined out of the blue,
So timed that all was new!

Away toward the mountains I spied,
Those grey dark clouds still fountains that cried.
But to my amazement something did appear!
Dull at first, then every moment became clear!

A rainbow it was in the sky,
Heaven reaching it lept up high!
Brilliantly shining beyond reach,
Lit with wisdom it came to teach!

Red I knew by its clue,
Was strung on top like dew.
A foundation it paved,
Of pure blood freely paid.

An Orange streak burned bright
As a bronze seat for light,
Lifting the rest to see,
Held up high as a body.

A yellow halo lit bold,
Filled the center with gold.
Formed by purest sunlight,
Despite my dull heart's insight.

Green grew right inbetween
The gold and blue love scene.
Uniting the gift of life,
Treasure beyond all strife.

The blue gleamed like sky,
Showing truth with no lie.
A strangely serene breath
Giving life beyond death

Purple hung below the rest,
Knowing what's last is best.
Held up not all alone,
But by this lovely throne.

I stood looking up at this sign,
Watching its slow fade and decline.
As it became hidden from sight,
I understood why it was right.

For a moment it came to say,
Using God's own great light display,
What His goodness means to us,
With a beauty so glorious.

The colors are meant to paint the following pictures: red for sacrifice, orange for an altar/throne, yellow for God's illuminating Word, green for priestly service, blue for prophetly function, purple for kingly position.

Joshua Cantrell