There are times when people question people's worth. Some people give others worth by the job they can serve for them. If you perform a job less well than others, you as a person become degraded in their sight. Then there are also people who believe that by simply being a person you should be proud of yourself.
Some people's value goes unnoticed because of it may be in many little things. People have value in not what they are able to do, but in what they do with what they are able. In a world of rank and stature, the best people are not those who are at the top, or are materially successful, but those who genuinely work for the good of others. They have motives aligned with a God who loves life whether its perceived significance is large or small.

Value is of the Heart

What am I in your eyes? What value do you behold?
Do you see truth or lies? Do you believe whatever's told?
How do I live my life? What worth is there in it?
Where does my strength now lie? Is it found in any bit?

Here's what you are to me! A performance metric's eye!
I saw you flailing free, Losing traction, poised to cry.
Of you we have little need, What have you to offer us?
Go now, you're not worthy. To us you're just obnoxious.

Must I heed their advice? Am I really just a pest?
For my part, I am nice, It is true I want what's best.
Listen now, can you please? Can I use any of my gifts?
Are my talents empty? Am I worth refuse in pits?

Us over here know your plea! Your value lies all within.
Their blind eyes cannot see! If no one cares you just grin.
You're born as worth itself! Do as you are bad and good.
With acts you cannot tell. Accept our comfort as food.

Such fanciful advice! How can it really be true?
So with a heart of ice, Would the worth still be my due?
Causing terror I fear, Should I still be seen as great?
Glad at another's tear, Is not a virtuous trait.

Then I heard someone cheer! Live a life loving others!
Not just for friend and peer, Love the lost and the buggers.
Hope in what you can be, Being what your life enables.
Look deeper than you see, Learn from the One who is able.

Here I remain as weak, Uncertain of the future.
Worth is a living feat. New occasions forever.
It's a quest granted life, Lost to those who do not seek.
May I be it alive, My gift is Yours to complete.

Joshua Cantrell