Ego is a big problem for some people. Why is it that someone will stop listening to others and then wonder why people don't listen to what they have to say? People are listening, it's really the one feeling abandoned who isn't accepting the given responses. He's already decided what the proper response should be, and if he hasn't heard it, they aren't listening to him but are ignoring him.

Why Don't They Listen?

My life is in such shambles, and I just want to cry!
My friends all want to leave, and I don't know why!
I first found them willing, ready to help me by.
Time has chased them away, now few hear my cry.

They found me struggling hard, caught in woes so gray,
They sought to help me up, and showed me the way.
Thanks I gladly gave them, asking more all day.
Breaks I would not give them, fearing a short stay.

Cheating, lies, quick results, I sought all of these,
Hearing my multiple pleas, they did disagree.
Seeking to do no wrong, they chose to guide me.
Needing desperately, I had to agree.

Believing I had friends, I opened with glee.
Teaching them about life, some began to flee.
Needing still more favors, I want them with me,
Returning the favors, I plead, "No! Don't leave!"

Aid I offered each one, gave them what remained.
Great value it could be, if they'd just be sane.
Painfully I lived life, learning not in vain.
Making advice for them, if only they'd stay.

They took it for granted, and rejected away.
Gave my life no value, and refuse to stay.
Great am I before some, but they just complain,
Fake is my rare knowledge, and my skills are lame.

I have gone through great pain, more than just a sigh.
I know if they'd lived it, they'd fall down and cry.
I deserve more than this. They won't even try.
My, what lame excuses, they know less than I!

Life may be better, but I cannot lie,
Life's still in shambles, and I don't know why.
My anger burns against them, because they don't try,
My ears are closed to them, because they don't lie.

Joshua Cantrell