For those of us who have faith, and those of us who are confused, there are traps we both fall into. Determined to make a point, we rely on those worldly thoughts and understand everything through them. Just because things appear to make sense doesn't make them real or true. It is a useful model, but nothing more. Finite creatures cannot fathom the complexity of everything, and can certainly misidentify traits if they put their minds to perceiving beyond what has been revealed. I've become quite disenchanted with the amount of speculation that is done without the clear representation as speculation. It's written down, and then believed upon as unbendable truth. Fire used to be of phlogiston, and energy from calories that leaked out when food was broken. The dangers of accepting these reasonings without caveat is a danger we all hold throughout our lives, whether it be theologically or scientifically. I'm surprised at the apparent absolutes formed through such reasonings, and the quantity of those led astray.

When Fantasy Becomes Truth

There's nothing more precious than a truth.
It's something you can count on forever,
But sometimes someone lacks discernment,
They add fantasy to improve that truth!

My story must begin somewhere close.
I sought mystery, answers to my thoughts.
Leaning on the great to plot the course
I thought my path straight if the truth be told.

The-orizing Scientists deduce.
Bright philosophers thinking and dreaming.
The-ologists seeking origins.
Historians piecing together past.

Reading books and finding learned ones
Listening with oh wonder lit eyes up.
Why must Mystery loose its luster?
Can all be known by perception's limit?

Gravity makes me fall, but how come?
I can see its great power, but lack more.
Staring, Analyzing wondering.
Arrogance could reveal its hid secrets…

Life is created, where did it come from?
Before my two parents something came forth.
Might one glean the answer through just thought?
Finite mind always goes searching beyond.

Some rest fantasy thoughts of the world,
Mind described, leaning on no real truth.
Gravity from mass, what then is mass?
Life from space, a fine insecure idea.

Real truth lies above what our thoughts know.
Modeled reality knowing only part.
Seeking real truth takes humble wonder,
Eyes and minds perceive just speculation.

Joshua Cantrell