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I make no claim on the authority of whatever I say on this page or any pages linked to this page. My pages are for the spreading of knowledge and ideas that will be left for the reader to decide whether they are true or not. I will not be liable for anything that happens to the reader after reading anything I have written here. The programs or algorithms that anyone uses from my page are used at the user's risk and discretion, so that if they don't work or problems occur after using them, then I will not be held responsible. If any of this conflicts with laws in any city, county, state, country, or territory, please e-mail me at so I can update it.


I'm trying to make this page have to do with everything I do related to the field of computer science. My favorite endeavor is to share as much unclassified information as I can so that others can leapfrog over my achievements and makes some new and innovative advances. I have spent a great deal of time searching for information on particular topics, only to find a dearth of explanation and derivation. Although I'm also not perfect in this regard, yet I believe I may be an improvement. Most of my work to date is graphics and game related, and not exactly complex, however I know that complex programs are typically composed of many simpler components.

Shape Drawing Techniques for Computer Graphics

These following WWW pages should be read in order because the later ones refer to the previous ones.

Picture Rendering Techniques for Computer Graphics

Tile/Graphic Storage and Drawing Techniques

2D and 3D Movement and Collision Techniques

Recommendable Books on Programming

The books I suggest are those that I have read a considerable amount from (more than 50 pages) and have enjoyed completely.

Class Handouts

Every once in awhile I have the opportunity to teach. I believe that the ability to convey information to others is just as important as learning it yourself. To this end, I typically try to make detailed and lucid material to help students grasp the concepts and facts I'm supposed to be teaching or helping to teach them. My attempts to this end are given below.

Experiences to Share

Whatever experiences of slightly technical nature I care to let people know about. Usually something really bad or superb in nature.


This is a collection of information that an employer or similarly background critical person would like to know about me.


These are links related to the subject of Computer Science that someone visiting this page may find useful. (Also contains friendly links to those who link to me.)

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