The UCLA Bruin Micromouse

Team Members:

  • Joshua Cantrell (Fearless Leader)
  • Lauren Friedman
  • John Propst
  • Laura

  • Objectives:

  • To compete in the IEEE Micromouse competition.
  • To learn through the application of engineering skills and techniques.
  • To work together as a team.
  • To show some UCLA Bruin spirit!
  • To have fun!

  • Meeting Minutes:

    Current Design Information:

  • Micromouse Rules - Old rules for the IEEE Micromouse contest. Only the mouse and maze dimensions can be considered correct. (Fall 1998)

  • Theoretical Design Information:

  • Detecting Distance With a LED - A look at how LEDs can be used to detect small distances. Under consideration is the distance from the micromouse to the walls. (JJC) (10-19-1999)
  • Detecting Distance With a LED (Part II) - Examining a possible way to create an analog circuit whose output is an analog value related to the distance from the micromouse to a wall. (JJC) (4-14-2000)

  • Resources:

  • Informative Webpages - Webpages related to robotics and their construction.
  • Mail Order Companies - Known mail order companies.

  • Send web page related e-mail to: