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About This Page

I would like to share some of my experiences and trip information (like pictures) to people I know on the WWW, so I have made this WWW page. Since not everyone can or has been everywhere, it might help broaden what they know about the world they live in. :-)
JPEG appears to be quite useful in compressing photo quality pictures, so I was able to compress most pictures to 100KBs without sacrificing much detail or image quality (most of that was lost in scanning the photos!). JPEG reminds me of the good/bad qualities of quicksort. Quicksort is great if the elements are extremely unsorted, but is awful if the elements are already mostly sorted. JPEGs seem to be really good at pictures with gradual changes in color and soft edges, but not that good when it becomes line art.
The type of scanner used appears to make some differences in the quality of the pictures. For this reason I'm going to give the name of the scanners used in the pictures and possibly other information that could help explain defects in the scanned images.

I don't have all of them accessible on-line because I'm not sure if I want everyone to see my photos. The WWW is a great place to share with good people, but there are people who can misuse information you make available. My pictures aren't exactly something I want to be misused. If you would like to learn about any of my trips, simply send me an e-mail and maybe we can work something out.

Camping Trips

Camping trips, to me, are defined by traveling in a vehicle, parking at some site and then doing some site seeing, which often involves a great deal of hiking. Also, more often than not, I give up certain amenities while I'm camping - I don't bathe every day. If I went camping and expected to bring my luxuries of home with me, I don't think I'd really call it camping. I don't know why people have to bring radios and play them really loud when they are camping.

Backpacking Trips

Backpacking Trips are even more challenging than camping trips because you hike in away from your car for miles. There are some beautiful areas that cannot be seen by just hiking short distances, so backpacking becomes a necessity. Personally, I wouldn't backpack just to go fishing or simply to hike. There has to be some aspect of beauty to draw me there.

Sightseeing Trips

Sightseeing Trips are different from camping trips in that you can take baths regularly. This means you could be staying at an RV park, hotel, or motel. The end result is a higher density of other sightseers who take advantage of the easy transition from home life to travel life.

General Trips

Some trips are difficult to classify. For example, when you move into a new house, I think of that as a trip. It's just a one way type trip if you are the person moving in. :-)

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